Ben reads Shaz and Jono's horoscopes then goes out with the lamest dad joke ever

Jono Ben & Sharyn 26/06/2019

As per usual, Ben grabbed another copy of the Coffee News and gave Jono and Shaz their horoscopes for the day. 

According to Jono's star sign (Scorpio), confidence could be his ally. He would impress others with his outgoing nature and attract people's respect. 

Then Ben read Sharyn's star sign (Capricorn) which said that she may want some familiarity, a sense of belonging and mutual support. Her horoscope also said that today, she may be less open and less successful with people or situations outside of her own experience. 

Ben wanted to go out with a lighter note after reading Sharyn's horoscope so he did with a super lame dad joke:

To have some fun guys, walk into an antique store and say: What's new?

Umm. Okay. 😂😂😂