Manu Vatuvei pranked Ben today and we've never seen him so scared

Jono Ben & Sharyn 06/05/2019

Ben admitted he's a massive fan of Manu Vatuvei so he got real excited about today's phone interview with Manu and Shaz backstage at DWTS. Ben's prepared some questions for Manu and the first one was:

What will happen first? You win Dancing with the Stars or the Warriors win the premiereship?

Manu went silent for a bit after hearing Ben's question then started asking Ben if he was being serious with the question. Manu pretended to be offended and turned-off and said he didn't want to continue with the game. Ben almost turned white and didn't know how to move past it so he just apologised.

Manu got Ben real good with this one! Well played. 😂