Jono goes hard at the gym then leaves with a bloody nose

Jono Ben & Sharyn 01/05/2019

Jono has been on Insta checking some Art Green workout routines. He found one he really liked and wanted to try it at the gym so he did. 

The workout was basically to slam a medicine ball down the ground then catch it when it bounces back up. Jono was quite confident so he went hard the first time around. But what he didn't expect was this:

I grabbed the medicine ball but it had the handles on them. Art Green's medicine ball didn't have the handles. So I lifted the medicine ball and I slammed this ball down. I didn't factor in the unevenness of the handles. And at this moment, the ball landed on the handle so it didn't land evenly. It sprung back, I'd say at 100kph...straight back into my face.

Poor Jono popped a zit in his nose when the medicine ball hit him in the face.