Jono gives sackload of toys to baby Tyson but forgets to tell Shaz they came from a dirty bin

Jono Ben & Sharyn 02/05/2019

Boy oh boy. Shaz was so mad at Jono today for not telling her where he got the sackload of toys he's given baby Tyson.

Apparently, Jono texted Bryce and asked him if he wanted to have the massive sack of baby toys for baby Tyson. It took ages for Bryce to reply so Jono decided to dump  the toys in a stinky rubbish bin thinking nobody wanted them. But then Bryce replied:

Hey! Lovely. Tyson would love them.

For some funny reason, Jono went back and picked up the toys and decided to give them to baby Tyson! He didn't mentioned it to anyone at first but he came clean today:

I didn't clean them... 

Shaz almost lost her sh*t there for a sec after Jono's confession. 👀