Jono explains his 'Chew some Airwaves then scull some freezing water' trick

Jono Ben & Sharyn 14/05/2019

Jono was explaining to Shaz and Ben his new trick to 'clear out every passage' specially during the winter time when people get the sniffles. Basically you just need a cup of ice cold water and some gum, specifically Airwaves. Then you do this, Jono said:

You've been chewing some Airwaves for 30-60 remove the gum from your mouth. Scull that freezing cup of water.

Apparently it worked for Ben and Producer Dan. But after trying it, Shaz was unimpressed:

It didn't do anything to me...

Jono then forced Shaz to play it up as though it did work for her just for the gag and the listeners. To think Jono said his trick would blow up the internet! 🤣🤣🤣