Jono and Ben have a few things to say about Sharyn's cardigan

Jono Ben & Sharyn 16/05/2019

Shaz was telling Jono and Ben she's got a gift for them but Jono cut her off before she had the chance to and asked:

Is it the cardigan you're wearing today? Because it has been a gift since the start of the show right through to now.

Jono was being sarcastic. Ben also decided to chip in and ask if Shaz got dressed in the dark this morning hence the cardigan. Shaz was not having any of it and told them that her gift was actually a possible new TV gig for them. But after they have roasted cardigan, she started to think twice about the gig for them. 

Apparently, Shaz was in a meeting today and she pitched that Jono and Ben be a part of it. Ben seemed to be keen so Shaz told him:

I will get you back on tv, but you have to wear my cardigan for the show pilot.

Jono and Ben just sighed and said they are not thaaat desperate to be on tv anymore. 😂