Jono and Ben give Shaz sh*t for being too busy with DWTS rather than their radio show

Jono Ben & Sharyn 30/05/2019

Shaz admitted she only gets 4 hours off every week and is busy for the rest of it:

I get 4 hours off a week (on a Saturday morning) and other than that, I work Saturday afternoons, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

Jono reckons that even though she is swamped through out the week, she has 4 hours to spend preparing and brainstorming for their radio show. But Shaz explains that she spends those 4 hours every Saturday having some quality time with her son, Tyson. 

Then Jono said 'Jono, Ben and Sharyn' should be changed to 'Jono and Ben' since Shaz is away most of the time anyway working her butt off for DWTS. 😂