Jono and Ben burn themselves to a crisp with old tv show joke

Jono Ben & Sharyn 14/05/2019

Jono told Shaz and Ben how he called his mum, Annie, to check up on her. Then about ten seconds into the convo, Annie asked Jono to ring her on the landline instead. 

Ben asked Jono why Annie preferred to have a landline convo rather than a cellphone one then Jono said he has no idea why but reckons it's because old people like it and it is what they are used to. Jono said:

Ain't that something only an old person would say: 'Call me on the landline.'

Then Jono referred the landline as a 'redundant piece of technology' and said:

Much like Ben and me at Mediaworks!

Ben agreed and said he reckons him and Jono are like the landline:

You keep them even though you don't use it! It's just kinda sitting there. One day you could use it but but you probably won't. You've moved on.

What a burn. 🔥🔥🔥