Ben's best mate wonders what he's been up to now that his tv show's been cancelled for a while now

Jono Ben & Sharyn 16/05/2019

Ben wanted to catch up with one of his close mates so he flicked him a text asking when and where he would like to have pizza and beer night.

His mate came back with three different options with dates and places where they could catch up. Ben couldn't figure out how to politely 'decline' and say he's not free on all those dates. Then he told Jono and Shaz he only flicked his mate a text as a joke and didn't expect him to actually reply with options.

Ben didn't know Jono and Shaz had his mate hooked up the entire time and have been listening to the entire convo so he heard everything. Then his mate put Ben on the spot:

I mean if you don't want to catch up, that's fine. I've already shot you three different's not like you are still on the tv show anymore...

Wow. Bit harsh but ain't that the truth? 😂