Ben only does things for the hashtag gram

Jono Ben & Sharyn 07/05/2019

Shaz wanted to hang out with Jono and Ben before heading to the studio today just to sort of "bond outside of work". Then somehow, the three of them ended up pushing a car on the street and a bunch of students saw them do it.

Jono said there were heaps of kids watching (about 50) them push the car along the street and some of them were even filming them. The moment Ben found out some kids had their phones out and started filming he told Shaz and Jono:

I hope those kids over there are filming this!

Not only did he want the kids to film him push the car, he also moved to the other side of Shaz and Jono who were also pushing, just so that the kids could get a better angle of him in action. 😂