Typing innocent words in Pornhub to see what videos would come up

Jono Ben & Sharyn 24/04/2019

Today, Jono, Ben and Sharyn started a new game.

The game is to come up with the most innocent word you could think of then type it in Pornhub to see what sort of videos would come up. The challenge was, to guess an innocent word that wouldn't have any related videos to it.

So the guys typed in words like 'Christmas tree', 'rainbows', 'fluffy unicorn', 'Dora the Explorer', but they all had related videos on the site already (okay that's actually creepy).

There was one that didn't have any related videos in Pornhub though and Jono guessed it:

The Pope.

No one has filmed a porno yet with 'The Pope' as a theme! 😂