Ben reckons his house is haunted after hearing strange voice in the basement

Jono Ben & Sharyn 23/04/2019

After watching Ocean's 8 over the weekend with his family, Ben went to bed. This was exactly when he heard a random voice coming from the basement. 

At first he thought it was his kids but after checking on them he realised it wasn't. He asked his wife, Amanda, if she heard the strange voice coming from the basement but she thought it was him watching videos on his phone and that the voice was coming from his phone.

At this point they were both convinced they needed to check the basement so they went down and the voice grew louder. They realised it wasn't coming from the basement- the voice was coming from the garage. 

Ben almost crap his pants but he went down to the garage and had a look around. He noticed the noise was coming from a backpack so he picked it up and he saw a speaker inside.

The strange noise (of a kid lauging) was coming from the speaker and it was still hooked up to a phone so it had been playing YouTube clips non-stop the whole time. 😐