Ben brings out the megaphone to annoy shaz about his dishwasher facts

Jono Ben & Sharyn 30/04/2019

Jono stared the dishwasher chat with a story of how he woke up this morning. He woke up to a frothing dishwasher which got his floor badly stained.

He made the rookie mistake of not rinsing out the liquid residue well before chucking everything in the dishwasher. He left it overnight so it would have wrecked the floor that morning.

Then Ben continued on with the dishwasher chat:

I tell ya what. Someone once put pineapple lumps and vodka through the dishwasher and then it all came out like a lacquer then froze it.

Shaz looked at producer Dan and couldn't believe this was the actual voice break they were recording. She tried to cut Ben off but he kept going on and on with more dishwasher facts nobody asked for.

Producer Dan tried to mute Ben's mic so he would stop but to make things worse, Ben brought out the megaphone and started yelling more random facts about dishwashers.

He just won't stop. 😂