Tech expert finally confirms that phones constantly listen and record conversations

Jono Ben & Sharyn 27/03/2019

Today, JBS had a chat to Ben the tech guru. They wanted an explanation as to how some of the biggest social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook serve very specific ads to people when they have not even searched for it or typed it up on their phones (creepy!)

Ben the tech guru confirmed that when people download apps into their phones, they are always promoted to accept the terms and conditions before they could download and install the apps-which IS the loophole!

By accepting the terms and conditions, you are also low-key letting the company behind this know that you are 'allowing' your phone to use your camera and 'allowing' your phone to use your microphone.

When the apps are successfully installed into your phones, the camera and microphones are always recording. These data collected are condensed into different algorithms.

The algorithms are then fed into different companies who BUY them so that they could use the collected data for research to create specific ads that get served to users.