Sharyn finds it hard to accept Jono is genuinely trying to help her move houses

Jono Ben & Sharyn 29/03/2019

Sharyn told Jono and Ben what she's up to this weekend - she's packing her house to move to a new one. Jono offered and asked Sharyn if she needed help with the boxes and other things but Sharyn didn't know if he was joking or being genuine:

Mate, I already know that you are going away!

Jono did have plans over the weekend but he insisted on helping Sharyn move the following week. Sharyn still couldn't figure out if he was being serious and wanting to help or joking again so she told him:

Nah, you're busy.

Jono kept insisting that he's actually offering to help. At this point, even Ben was quite confused as to what's happening (lol). Sharyn gave up on trying to figure out if Jono was being genuine so she told Jono he could help out if he wanted.

But then Ben quickly asked Jono:

You didn't help me move???