Sharyn and Jono made a special alarm to warn everyone that Ben is about to crack another lame joke

Jono Ben & Sharyn 11/03/2019

Ben told Jono and Sharyn how his daughter finally realised her dad has the lamest jokes ever.

Ben was in Ponsonby with his daughter over the weekend when they both saw something peculiar in the street - a chicken crossing. Ben took this as an opportunity to crack the old 'the chicken crossed the street to get to the other side' joke but instead thought of giving it his own twist: 

Maybe it's going to KFC.

His daughter looked at him, rolled her eyes, and verbally scoffed.

Jono and Sharyn told Ben it's not only his daughter who thought the joke was lame. They both think the chicken-going-to-KFC joke was lame too and that he deserved his daughter's reaction. But they both thought it would be a good idea to warn everyone before Ben makes another they recorded a special alarm with a special message. 😂