Jono tried to call and prank two different flower shops but mistakenly called the same one twice

Jono Ben & Sharyn 19/03/2019

Jono wanted to give some flower shops a call today as a prank and have flowers delivered and for a card to come with the delivery with a special yet ridiculous letter of apology.

But this prank quickly failed from the first call!

The girl from the flower shop, Rebecca, was about to note down Jono's long copy request for the card, when she quickly bailed and asked if she could ring him back in 10mins because there were heaps of people in the shop at the time.

Jono said he will ring her back in ten. So while waiting, Jono decided to give another flower shop a call and do the prank with them in the mean time. But when someone answered, he quickly recognised the voice of Rebecca and realises he called the same shop twice.🤣

Classic Jono.