Jono looked dodgy as with a vacuum one night at Washworld

Jono Ben & Sharyn 20/03/2019

Jono decided to get his car cleaned so he thought of going to Washworld even though it was pretty late.

He chucked $20 into it but didn't realise that he's done everything to clean his car apart from vacuuming the interior. He started panicking when he realised he's only got 40-seconds left to finish cleaning.

He showed Sharyn how fast he tried to vacuum but Sharyn noticed Jono's doing weird gestures which made him look like he was doing something else at the carwash:

It did not look like you were vacuuming with that gesture.

Sharyn told Jono how she reckons he looked dodgy as vacuuming like a creep who was doing 'something else' in Washworld.🙃