Jono falls for this stranger's weird and random requests along Ponsonby Road

Jono Ben & Sharyn 19/03/2019

This one's trully a series of unfortunate events...for Jono.

Jono was is on his way to work when he sees a girl walking down Ponsonby Road looking like she needs help. Turns out, she does and when Jono realised this, she already has her two hands on this car suggesting to stop his car (which Jono did, being the good lad that he is).

She tells Jono she needs a ride to the court and Jono decides to drive her there. On their way, she randomly asks if Jono could get her a mushroom melt burger from Wendy's and Jono did.

Then she requests if she could also have a 'frosty' parfait. At which point, Jono is already thinking twice about driving her to court. He ends up paying for her (LOL).

THEN, she makes another random request and asks Jono if she could drop something along the way to the court which is when Jono asks her:

Do you even need to go to court???

Of course, she says no.

Turns out she does not actually need to be in court or anywhere important. 😂