Producer Dan makes sh*tty puns about Jono's nose pimple

Jono Ben & Sharyn 22/02/2019

Everyone's been giving Jono sh*t for having a pimple on his nose all week and so Producer Dan's decided to do an on-air gag about his pimple. 

First he named Jono's pimple Pete a.k.a. Pete the Pimple. He then gave Pete the Pimple some air time:

It's really nice to zit...I mean sit down with you guys! I don't want to make a puss...I mean fuss out of my new found fame.

Sharyn then asked Pete the Pimple what his secret was to being so successful. Pete answered:

Well, it's quite pimple...I mean simple! I just like to stay a-head...a head...of the competition.

Pete the Pimple then ended his gag with his very own theme song (50 Cent's 'Pimp'-le). 🤣