Sharyn tried to spell her name with her tongue during her first pash

Jono Ben & Sharyn 13/02/2019

Sharyn told Jono and Ben how her first kiss was like but all she could remember from that time were the awkward moments:

First kiss...I didn't know you were supposed to breathe through your nose. All I could remember was the movie Cruel spell your name with your tongue. So I was pashing this guy, Ben, and I was like S-H-A-R-Y-N and then I was like 'I can't breathe!!!'

She also said that after trying to go for it with some tongue action, she accidentally bit Ben's bottom lip that it bled! How awful.

Sharyn also had this interesting observation while pashing Ben:

I remember being real amazed like...I could feel his taste buds! I could feel so much stuff in there.

Wow. No wonder these two didn't hook up ever again after that.😂