Sharyn shares a mind-blowing fact about the movie Titanic

Jono Ben & Sharyn 12/02/2019

Sharyn and her mate, Emma, watched Titanic last weekend and towards the end of the movie, Emma just dropped the biggest bomb about the movie and Sharyn couldn't believe it.

For anyone who thought that Kate Winslet went to sleep at the very end of the movie, you are wrong.

Apparently, Rose died in the end!! This explains the scene where she pashed Leo while the two of them were surrounded by all the people who died during the movie!

According to Sharyn:

That was her joining the other ghosts! Being reunited with Jack and all the other's the Irish friend, the one that got shot. It's the captain, it's the guy that designed the boat. That's why all the people in survivor's boats were not on that scene!