Sharyn tells everyone about her vajoojoo's state #TMI

Jono Ben & Sharyn 05/02/2019

Sharyn wasn't sure what to wear to this concert she's going to so she asked a few callers to help her decide if she should wear a skirt or wear pants.

Her problem with wearing a skirt: she plans to 'drop low' so she might end up accidentally flashing people her vajoojoo if she wears a skirt. Problem with wearing pants: it's too hot. 

The final verdict from the callers: Skirt

Sharyn then apologised and said:

Anyone going to the concert tonight? I apologise if you see my vajoojoo.

And then tells Jono, Ben and producer Dan there's no need to worry in case someone sees it because she got it dealt with recently so it is:

looking fresh.