Married At First Sight NZ's Gareth talks about kissing Monique

Jono Ben & Sharyn 31/10/2018

Even though the show's now finished, earlier today we found out some serious Married At First Sight drama.

Speaking with Stuff, Monique (who was married to Fraser) confirmed she 'hooked up' with Otties ex, Gareth.

Gareth and I did kiss while clubbing in Christchurch,

It wasn't planned and was very unexpected. We care a lot for our MAFS family, even if we didn't show that in the best way on Saturday night.  We are all still friends.

Jono, Ben & Sharyn wanted to get Gareth's side on things so this afternoon, they gave him a ring. 

Sharyn began by asking Gareth if there was any feelings between the pair before they kissed but, like Monique, Gareth said the kiss was very 'unexpected'.

Jono went on to ask if there was more to the kiss and if they were now dating but Gareth played it down saying:

Honestly I woundn't be able to tell you, it's still something that's quite new

Watch the full video above.