Jono awkwardly asks the deaf community to ring the Edge

Jono Ben & Sharyn 29/10/2018

How painful was it watching Jono bounce back from that??


Here's the rough transcript of the video:

Jono: "Here's a question about the deaf. Do they know if someone's got an accent? So if I'm talking to you know like this [he gestures] and you're deaf would you be able to tell that I've got a Nu Zeelund accent?"

Ben: "But there's different, there is different sign for different countries right? We talked to that lady last year and she taught us there is " [interrupted]

Sharyn: "Really?"

Ben: "Theres some universal words and apparently other ones that" [interrupted]

Jono: "But if they're just looking at a mouth moving and they're like ah she's from Brazil. If you're deaf 0800

[computer generated to emphasize previous point] It you're deaf 0800

[computer generated to re-emphasize previous point but slower] It you're deaf 0800

Sharyn: "Jono"

Ben: "you didn't did you? No"


Jono: "If you're in the community and in and around the community 0800 the edge, can they tell"

Ben: "Oh man, you might have made this worse, a whole lot worse"