Dark Web expert says why you should never leave your Bluetooth turned on

Jono Ben & Sharyn 26/09/2018

Well, we're officially creeped TF out right now...

Jono, Ben & Sharyn have decided they want to go on the dark web and have found someone who can help get them on there.

While in studio though, he gave some advice to the guys saying why you should never just leave your Bluetooth just sitting there, turned on all day.

He said it's the easiest way for someone to hack your phone without you even knowing about it. When your Bluetooth is on, your phone is constantly open and looking for connections, making things easy for hackers to get into your phone.

Wired have also said why you need to be careful with Bluetooth saying your phone can be hacked within literally 10 seconds, even if you're connected to another device. From there, they can take control over your device and even potentially steal all your data.

You're not alone if you're checking your phone right now, making sure your Bluetooth is turned off.

Jono, Ben & Sharyn then went on to ask him all about the dark web and to find out if it's really as scary as we all think...

Watch the full chat above.