Marty and Steph are the latest show in the Edge Safe House! (kind of)

Jono Ben & Sharyn 04/07/2018



Because Dom, Meg and Randell only lasted a whopping ONE DAY in the Edge Safe House, Jono and Ben thought they'd bring it back and do their own version....this time with Marty and Steph from The Edge 30 being kidnapped and locked away!*

But WHERE could they be? Hmmmm we're gonna need a few more clues to figure this one out 🤣

Also - shout out to Steph, who nailed rapping Eminem's "Without Me"! 👊

*Disclaimer: this not a real Edge Safe House. Marty and Steph have not been kidnapped nor were taken away to a real house somewhere in NZ. They never left the office. The prize money of $5 has already been claimed. Thank you for playing along.