Sharyn's 6 Kiwi products you need in your house ASAP


When you’re in the supermarket having a sniff around, finding delish things, did you know there’s actually a s**tload of amazing stuff made right here in Aotearoa, so I’ve whacked them in a list for you to get amongst!

Serious Popcorn

I’m not a popcorn person. If it’s around, I don’t delve into it but I was looking for a healthier 3:30pm snack that wasn’t a chocolate bar and found this stuff!

It’s Dairy free, Gluten free, organic and fricking off the hook.

There are various flavours but the ‘Sweet and Salty’ is drool worthy - They did an Easter version with dark chocolate too for people that have a sweet tooth.

Coconut Yoghurt

I’ve been trying to go Dairy Free as much as I can so I’ve been trying different Coconut Yoghurts. I've been trying every single one the supermarket has and I’ve narrowed it down to a top 2 -

#1 Catherdral Cove Cacao flavoured Coconut Yoghurt (HOLY ACTUAL F, It’s beautiful)

#2 Coconut Collective - Vanilla Bean or the Plain one are the best flavours.

Rascal and Friends Nappies

For the Mama’s and Papa’s reading this, these nappies will change your life, they look cool but they also are designed for explosions, they’ll hold in HEAPS before leaking onto your baby. I’ll probably jinx myself but since I’ve used them I’ve had some near misses, but no poo up the back. Plus they also have eco friendly features so they’re nicer for the planet too.

Organic Initiative Tampons, Pads and Moon Cups

I’ll admit I haven’t delved into the world of moon cups yet, but what I love about this company is that it’s all natural, no chemicals, you can sort it online to have them sent to your house each month and even buy a box to go to a fellow Kiwi gal that can’t afford sanitary items. They’re in supermarkets too.

Glow Lab body Lotion

I never thought ANYTHING would convert me from Palmers Cocoa Butter but then came along Glow Lab body lotion. It comes in a pump bottle which instantly drew me to it. It’s a nice design and the lotion smells yum, lasts all day without being sticky and makes your skin feel amazing.

GoodFor. Banana Bread

Good for is a store that uses no plastic, all natural products like a 2018 Bin Inn, you can shop instore or online. Their Antioxidant Booster muesli is off the hook but their banana bread mix that you just add bananas and liquid to, the rest is done for you is the tastiest and healthiest banana bread in the banana bread game.

There ya have it, 6 things that’ll change your supermarket game and you’ll thank me for it once you’ve tried it NOM FRICKING NOM.

Until next time,

Xx Sharyn