Jono and Ben are going to the extreme to get Ryan Reynolds to notice them

Jono Ben & Sharyn 01/05/2018

So this is happening...

Deadpool 2 is almost here and at the moment Ryan Reynolds is on the press tour promoting it but hold on...where was Jono and Ben's invite to chat with him?

It might have something to do with Ben asking Ryan about 'beating off' a group of men when they caught up last time.

Even though Ben embarressed himself, he still thought he and Ryan shared a connection so, to help his mate out, Jono's thought of a way to get his attention.

He's making the two of them watch the Deadpool 2 trailer nonstop until Ryan Reynolds Facetimes them...

So do them a solid, go tag Ryan in the comments and share the pic on your social and hopefully they hear from him (or else they'll be stuck watching the trailer forever).