A Harry Potter cruise exists that'll take you to all the film's locations


Adding this to our bucket list as we speak! 

If you've taking all the tests to find out what Hogwarts house you'd be in, what your patronus would be, or how would be your best friend out of Harry, Hermoine, or Ron, then we've found what you should do next...

Go on this Harry Potter cruise!

Barge Lady Cruises are launching a new 7-day long Harry Potter Cruise that will take you to each of the locations they filmed the movies.

The cruise, which travels along the River Thames, runs between August 5-11 and August 19-25. The stops include:

Virginia Water: Which is where Harry went all boss mode and flew Buckbeak across Hogwart's Greak Lake.

Picket Post Close: More famously know as the Dursley's house!

Christ Church College: TBH this is one of the places we'd be most excited to see. This is the inspiration behind Hogwart's Great Hall and was used in the first two movies.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter: If you were wondering where all the props, costumes, and set peices have ended up since the films, this is where so we mean, this should've already been on that bucket list!

It's probably good the cruises don't start untill August because you're going to need some time to save up. Each cruise holds up to 7 people and set each person back $4,190 USD (This is where we wish we had a secret vault like Harry).

So what are you waiting for? Wingardium Levi-go book that cruise!