Jono, Ben & Sharyn listener discovers her boyfriend's been cheating on her with three other girls

Jono Ben & Sharyn 10/08/2017

This is actually heartbreaking.

Mikayla suspected her boyfriend of three years was up to something dodgy, because he was acting suspicious after she found out he had two phones (the second which he claimed was "for work").

Jono, Ben and Sharyn put it to the People's Court to see if she should trust him and let it go, or if he should show her his phone to put the rumours to rest.

The people spoke, and told her to trust him.....but thanks to a little bit of Sharanoia, she snuck around and checked his phone was he was sleeping...

And it wasn't a happy ending. At all. Watch the vid and see what happened.

Mikayla you poor thing!