Did another announcer just give away which radio station Jay-Jay's moving to?

jay jay dom and randell 18/12/2017

There has been a lot of chat about which station in the MediaWorks family Jay-Jay will move to. (BTW we SWEAR we don't currently know - that girl has kept her lips SEALED).

She's been doing "on-air auditions" for stations like The Sound, and our personal fave George FM but did someone just let it slip which station she's actually moving to!?

Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell spoke to Robert Scott who works at The Breeze and just at the end of the call he dropped in the old "I'm really looking forward to working with Jay-Jay next year". Ahhhhh! Is that so, mate!? Do you detect a bit of awkwardness in Jay-Jay's laugh? Who knowsss. 

Meanwhile, watch her audition for The Breeze here and see if she's a good fit!