Here's who will be joining The Edge Breakfast Show next year

jay jay dom and randell 17/11/2017

In case you missed it, Jay-Jay announced she will be leaving The Edge at the end of the year. While this is super sad news for us, Jay-Jay says she is happy and excited for 2018!

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Of course, with Jay-Jay leaving, someone else has to be stepping up to the plate! And that person is Meg! 

Meg currently does The Edge Workday on air and will join the show from Monday 27th November to hang out with the team before Jay-Jay leaves on December 22.

She's been part of The Edge team for 4 years now and currently hosts What You Want 3-4pm weekdays on Edge TV.

She also has a popular YouTube channel with The Edge 30's Guy (who is also her other half) where they post vids regularly.

Megan has also regularly filled in on breakfast when Jay-Jay has been away:

Of course she is ever the broadcasting clearly demonstrated with this clip: 😂

Along with Megan joining the breakfast show, Guy & Sam will be moving from The Edge 30 to take over The Edge Workday and Marty Hehewerth will be re-joining the team with Steph to host The Edge 30.