Jay-Jay opens up about her taxi incident & answers questions others have about it

jay jay dom and randell 17/10/2017

Jay-Jay was indecently assaulted a couple of weeks ago during a taxi ride she took and has been off work since. Buuttttt today she's back! 

Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell thought they should address the elephant in the room so Jay-Jay spoke about the incident and the feedback (and backlash) she's had from it since. She answered some questions that have come up time and time again such as 'why did you sit in the front seat?', 'did you report it to the police?' and 'why did you post about it on Facebook'?

We're so glad you're back, Jay-Jay! We missed you and we all think you're so strong for opening up about this.

If you have been through an experience of sexual assault, contact NZ Police or a NZ Sexual Assault Support Centre near you.