Andy & Nate tell us what they really think of the twins on The Block NZ

The Block NZ 01/08/2017

Things are heating up on The Block NZ!

Sexy Hamilton dads (their words) Andy & Nate visited Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell today and answered a few burning questions we (and you) had about The Block NZ.

The question everybody wanted to asked - "are the twins (Julia and Ali) were full-blown bitches, or are they ok?" - the super nice Dads answered with a very politically-correct answer:

I think the twins get portrayed a little bit harsh. But umm...the things you do say is what they show, so you have to say it for them to show it.

Which is a very nice way of saying - they are exactly what they appear to be on TV. Burn.

But then, only a few seconds later, when asked to describe the twins in one word, they had something much sharper and to the point:


Yeoow! Watch above.