The moment Jordan finds out she won Jay-Jay's boobs

jay jay dom and randell 16/06/2017

It's literally impossible to watch this without shedding a tear...

This morning it was announced that Jordan Hill from Otago was the winner of Jay-Jay's boobs, and we're pretty sure almost everyone was brought to tears when she found out that she'd won.

Out of all four finalists, Jordan took out the majority of votes.

NOTE: During the closing stages of the "Win Jay-Jay's Boobs" competition, the Edge team was provided with evidence of irregular voting activity. These votes were accordingly discounted and we exercised our right to exclude the relevant competitor from participation in the competition. 

Jordan decided to get a double mastectomy at the age of 22 after finding out she had an 87% risk of getting breast cancer, so she wanted a breast enlargement to make her feel like a woman again. 

Watch the emotional moment she found out that she'd won a breast enlargement above!

Cheers to our lovely friends at Rose & Thorne for supporting this promotion.