Charlotte says Gaz really affected her romance with Bear

jay jay dom and randell 07/04/2017

Charlotte says her on-again-off-again romance with Geordie Shore co-star, Gaz Beadle still haunts her... even in her new relationship with Bear.

Charlotte Crosby and her new boyfriend Stephen Bear popped in-studio for a visit to promote their new MTV show, Just Tattoo Of Us.

During the interview, Charlotte opened up about how being burnt by Gaz has really affected her current relationship with Bear.

She revealed that after everything that happened with Gary, it took her quite a while to trust Bear and his intentions with her.

She didn't want to sleep with him right away because of how she felt "used" in the past.

They also gave out "relationship advice" to Edge listeners (although, we would like to say it's up to you if you actually want to take their advice...)

Oh yea, and we should probs also mention that the nearly BROKE UP during their interview.