Our girl Jess had a secret 'off-camera' moment with Zac

The Bachelor NZ 27/03/2017

Yeaaaah girl, we knew he'd like you as soon we saw you! That's why we made you our #EdgeFanFave... 

Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell had a special visit from our very own Edge Fan Fave, Jess.

She gave us all the juicy details after her one-on-one date with Zac in last night's episode (which was the very first one-on-one date may we add).

Jess also revealed that her and Zac shared a romantic little *moment* OFF CAMERA in the helicopter ride back from their date.

Watch the clip above to see what happened, and be sure to catch up on all the latest scandal and interviews from The Bachelor New Zealand.

We also had eliminated Bachelorette, Mariana in-studio this morning who revealed that she had to teach the younger girls in the mansion how to cook!