Thursday 16th November 2016

listen 18/11/2016

Listen to the Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell podcast. 

- Around the Room – Randell has dyed his hair.. again!

- The Daily 3

- We call Happy Days Buffet

- Georgia from Broods on the phone

- NZ Music Awards tonight: Kiwi or Riri?

- Dom is obsessed with Crown, what did Steph and Randell think of the show?

- We talk to three keen beans that want to specialise in dessert for Eat Em Out

- Dom & Steph must try and eat a whole chocolate cake!  

- Stranger Danger – Will our winner be going with a complete stranger?

- Brian Tamaki… Other stuff gays have been unfairly blamed for?

- You be the judge… Bens awkward dilemma