Dom announced he's leaving The Edge after 21 years on-air

Dom Meg and Randell 28/07/2021

After 21 incredible years at The Edge, Dom Harvey has announced he'll be leaving at the end of this week.

Dom announced the news on-air this morning:

"I'm going to try getting through this without getting too emotional - but I have decided after 21 years of doing the breakfast show on The Edge to leave. This may be a surprise for some others, but for me and you guys and the management here, it's been an ongoing conversation for the last couple of years."

"We were working towards the end of this year, but the timing just feels right now. Because at the end of this year Meg is going on maternity leave, so it gives us half a year to find someone else to work with you guys, Meg and Randell, and establish a new show."

"I always thought I'd know when the right time to leave is, because I saw this with Jay-Jay - she was on the show for many years, and by the end of it, she'd had enough. But I'd never reached that point. I love this station and the people who work here so much. So it's like a breakup, where I just have to do it and rip the bandaid off."

"I've been doing morning radio now for 31 years... so my plan now is to take the rest of the day off and do some selfish stuff for me. Priority number one is to do some work on my mental health. I've been through some stuff... there's some things that have really taken it out of me - I've had a marriage breakup, we had a tough family adoption that turned a bit sour, lots of rounds of IVF - and I don't think I've dealt with that stuff properly. But as well as that, there's some fitness goals I really want to achieve while I'm still young enough to do that - I really want to crack some ultra marathons. And then there's some other stuff as well that I've been fantasising about every time we have a break, like doing some writing and staying up later than 9pm."

Dom's last show on The Edge will be with The Edge Breakfast this Friday (Jul 30th). We love you and will miss you Dom! What a legend.

Watch some of Dom's fave moments from the past 20 years: