Meg explains to Dom and Randell the different types of male qualities

Dom Meg and Randell 11/02/2020

Turns out there are 5 different types according to the article Meg was reading this morning:

1) Alpha: self confident, outgoing, entrepreneurs, little big aggressive, leader of the pack, arrogant
2) Beta: collaborative, introvert, average mr. nice guy, moderate in his approach to life, nice guy personality gets him by, gets taken for a ride every now and then, more sensitive and less aggressive than the alpha
3) Omega: eccentric kind of nerdy and laid back, have seen every Ben Stiller movie that's ever been out, can solve a complicated math problem while eating a pizza and couldn't give a damn about anything else
4) Gamma: adventurous, fun loving and restless, love having fun, tend to get very restless if they are left idle for too long
5) Delta: aloof, resentful, extremely private people, have a couldn't care less attitude