Dom and Meg chat about The Goop Lab's episode on pleasure and reaching the 'Big-O'

Dom Meg and Randell 05/02/2020

For Watchy Watchy Wednesday, Dom and Meg have seen a few episodes of The Goop Lab on Netflix and were talking about episode 3 which was about pleasure and the female orgasm. 

Dom mentioned he found it fascinating how in the show it was mentioned how many women never have an amazing time when their lover 'goes on holiday south of the border'.

I think I can speak on behalf women. A lot of us think we have to make the guy feel good and even though it doesn't feel good for us or what they are doing is completely wrong and we didn't get there in the end, we're like...'OMG that was amazing!' But it's not helping yourself because you're lying to them and it's just going to continue.

Both parties need to work harder to get the big-O. 👆🌸