Dom's mum tells Randell off for posting 'inappropriate' insta story

Dom Meg and Randell 13/01/2020

Randell and his family were on a three-week glamping adventure when he noticed that his son's undies were missing after being washed and left under the sun to dry.

Turns out, Randell's mum have been chucking them in the backseat of their ute because that way, all the wet clothes would dry faster. But instead of explaining this to his son Ty, Randell told him nana have been 'stealing' his undies so she could 'sniff' them!

Randell posted it on his story and Sue (Dom's mum) replied and said:

Randell, you can't be serious. I'm not sure I'm happy with him growling his beautiful nana about the undies. Enough is enough.

Wow Randell really triggered nana Sue. 👀