Dom opens up about taking care of his own mental health

Dom Meg and Randell 14/01/2020

Over the summer break Dom did some self reflection and has come to terms with something he hasn't noticed about himself in the past.

After working in radio for so long and being in the spotlight he's noticed how hard it is to truly be vulnerable:

This skin has got so thick, that i've lost the ability to be vulnerable and to be open... that vulnerability that i've lost, it's just been so hard and I've put walls up... there's a lot of stuff that i've gone through that i've been unable to process.

After addressing mental health on the show time and time again, Dom has gained the courage to explore his own mental health:

I just don't like myself that much... I've got a really good support group around me... because of this way I feel about myself sometimes, I do dumb stuff that just pushes people away... giving me a reason to not like myself.

In 2020 he's deciding to put his mental health first to seek professional help and to talk and process though his issues.

We couldn't be more proud of him for taking care of his own mental health.