Meg proves Dom is more of a thirst trap than Randell

Dom Meg and Randell 04/12/2019

Meg's been up all night stalking Dom and Randell on the gram to find out who is more of a thirst trap (great excuse to also just peep on the abs aye?)

Today Meg's got the figures:

- out of 1,188 posts, 49 posts are thirst traps

- out of 540 posts, 46 posts are thirst traps

So technically, Randell should win but Meg took it a step further and counted how many of those thirst trap photos are actually of the boys topless and here are the stats:

- 41 topless photos out of the 44 thirst trap photos

- 33 topless photos out of the 46 thirst trap photos

There you have it fam. Dom is the Thirst Trap Champ! 🏆