Funny moment when Dom explained an encyclopedia to Meg

Dom Meg and Randell 10/12/2019

Meg was telling Dom how she's always wanted to be a news reader (since she was young) but it would have been a lot slower for her to grab all the info she needed because everyone was on dial-up back then. 

Dom told Meg at least she grew up having dial-up as a kid because all he had was the encyclopedia to help him back then. Then Meg asked Dom what an encyclopedia was for and he said:

I'm so much older than you guys. I remember having an actual set of encyclopedia. There's like 26 books (one for each letter) so if you wanted to look up 'Africa' for example, you'd get the 'A' book... 

Two things here: Meg not actually knowing what an encyclopedia was for and Dom having to explain what they are for to Meg. 😂