Dom, Meg & Randell surprise Nathaniel with the ultimate Auckland experience

Dom Meg and Randell 05/12/2018

On Monday morning Dom, Meg & Randell heard from Alexis in Whangarei. She told us about her son who has dominant optic atrophy, which basically means the wiring behind his eyes isn't normal and he'll eventually become blind at anytime.

When they heard about his situation, they put their feelers out to put something together for Nathaniel and his family.

They've brought the family down to Auckland to experience loads of awesome stuff including:

Going up the Sky Tower and staying at Sky City for three nights, meeting new baby penguins at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium, exploring Escapade NZ, and getting a ride in a Lamborghini! 

It'll be the greatest three days for them - just in time for Christmas.