Meg opens up about body positivity: "You're so much more than your physical body"

Dom Meg and Randell 22/11/2018

After chatting a bit about body positivity, Meg gave us all a reminder about focusing on the things that you love about yourself.

Focus on the things that you love about yourself, not the small little things that you don't.

"So I'll think of [co-hosts] Dom and Randell right; I like to think you two don't hang out with me because I'm attractive. You hang out with me because I make you feel good and we have good conversations and make each other laugh.

"People don't love you and want to hang around you just because you're sexy and hot, they want to be around you because you make them feel good," she added.

 "Try and focus on that energy in yourself. You're so much more than what your physical body is."

Meg has previously spoken out about her own body image struggles, and her hard journey to self-acceptance.

"I've learned my body isn't the enemy; in my teenage years, I blamed it for everything. I blamed it for failed relationships, for not being where I wanted to be in my career, I blamed it for not being rich enough. Everything that was going wrong in my life was because I was fat," she told Now to Love last year.

Annear said she had bulimia from around age 17, after putting on weight from a dancing injury. However, "everything switched" when she was 23.

"I was so done with being angry all the time and being sad and sick and tired. All my energy was going into hating myself, it was really self-absorbed. It all changed when I thought it's time to start enjoying my life and all the great things I've got and the great people around me."