Hillcrest High School's touching haka for Dom after he finishes his 4th marathon

Dom Meg and Randell 30/08/2018

This is a moment we're sure Dom will never forget.

Today Dom kicked off his 4th marathon of 5 in 5 days and even though he's feeling absolutely shattered, his run in Hamilton was filled with such amazing moments.

Family members of Ka'iulani, the little girl that Dom's doing all if this for, turned up to cheer him along, an amazing group of people including a few local Police officers joined him for the run and then there was Hillcrest High School to top it all off.

As Dom crossed the finished line, he was honoured by the school's students with this touching Haka.

Watch the full video above and make sure to check out more about Dom's 5 Marathons in 5 days here