Dom, Meg & Randell meet the Forbes family to learn about their daughter's struggle with a rare form of cancer

Dom Meg and Randell 27/07/2018

Dom, Meg & Randell came across a heartbreaking story about a young girl struggling with a rare form of cancer.

Ka'iulani Forbes has been sick her whole life and after 50 trips to the doctor she was dignosed with a rare form of cancer called Neuroblastoma. None of her treatment is covered in New Zealand.

Chemotherapy doesn't work on her tumors and the only treatment avaliable is in the United States and Europe. Doing everything they can, her parents Moana & Manihira are heading to Barcelona so Ka'iulani can access this lifesaving treatment.

They've done everything they can - even selling their own house. They're stopping at nothing to help their daughter. But they need your help - the treatment she needs costs over $260K.

If you can spare a couple of bucks, head over to their Givealittle page here.